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About myself

My name is Carsten Lambrecht, also known as Casila or Casilas on most online platforms. The following thread is to introduce myself.... 🧵

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I have loved photography since I was a child. my first camera was a Nikon 35mm SLR. At the same time, the Rolleicord medium format camera was discovered and loved. Later came various Canons as digital SLR cameras. Currently it is the film simulations of the Fuji X sensors that give me the most pleasure. and i love the rangefinder style of course.

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In my professional life I am responsible for the NFT platform Creatokia is a platform for ownable digital originals around books, comics & Graphic novels, story telling and being open for Creative products around Music, Illustration and Photography

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A few highlights from my daily work with the NFT platform Creatokia and highlights from my photographic, literary or musical collections:

Interviw with carsten Lambrecht in the magazine IM+io - title view

Interview with IM+io

i have been part of the special issue on metaverse, NFTs and Crypto. IM+io is a German professional magazin and it featured the special Web3 edition as follows, sorry that the original article is in german language.

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The german non fiction award on the blockchain

Since 2021, the German Publishers and Booksellers Association's Foundation for Book Culture and the Promotion of Reading has given the German Nonfiction Book Prize to the German Nonfiction Book of the Year. The honor is given to outstanding nonfiction publications that spark social discussion. In collaboration with Creatokia, the German Non-Fiction Book Prize has been awarded as a non-fungible token (NFT) via the blockchain for the first time, in addition to the physical award. Nonfiction books nominated for the award are also available as NFTs and Digital Originals in a special digital edition. The German Nonfiction Prize thus investigates the possibilities of the metaverse, a topic that is currently captivating many minds in publishing.

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Vinyl and Music Addict

From the beginning I collected records, CDs and digital music. But as soon as I learned to make music, musical instruments became part of my collecting passion. Now I own a number of keyboards, synthesizers, bass guitars and ukuleles. I also own some specialities like an AKAI MPC (sample and rythm) or an AKAI EWI (electronic wind instrument). But first of all the music on vinyl and in other forms are still the main focus of my collections.

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NFT and Web3 stuff

In January 2022, I switched from the agency to the enterprise perspective for the first time. I did this because I was convinced of the new technologies and the opportunities they offered. My first NFT as a profile picture had to be something related to music, of course. And I found the God of Rock, which I wear with pride.